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Winter Opened 24th Nov 2014


Compilation Winter 2014/2015












Reindeer Lodge

Cosy cabin accommodation in Swedish Lapland with reindeer on-site and the northern lights and the    midnight sun at your doorstep, respectively. A great base camp in the wood where silence rules supreme. Relaxing sauna and local Sámi cuisine included. The world-famous Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi is within walking distance.

Day and night activities

Experience the great outdoors by driving your own draft reindeer with sled based on Sámi peoples’ traditional knowledge. And join our nature, moose and northern light tours that take you to grand areas with spectacular views. 


Sámi Siida-Sámi Camp in Jukkasjärvi

Outdoor camp in Jukkasjärvi with grazing reindeer, exhibitions and information about Sámi culture and livelihoods. Adjacent Sámi handicraft shop and Café Sápmi with traditional Sápmi slow food lunch served by the open fire in giant lávvu-style hut.



Welcome to visit us in Sápmi!


Watch a short film about our reindeer sled tours:
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